Mattias Von Feilitzen

Mattias Von Feilitzen

Educational developer and director of Knowledge Lab: Gothenburg University

For many years, Mattias has worked with education, research and development projects within the area of IT and learning. Mattias main area of interest is how ICT can be used for developing higher education, but he is also interested in teacher education and teachers' skills regarding the use of ICT and digital tools.

Mattias is also head of Gothenburg Knowledge Lab, a lab established in 2010 as a center of design-oriented educational development projects, mainly at the division of Learning, communication and IT at the Department of Applied IT. In addition to supporting development-oriented projects, Knowledge Lab is also an important resource in several research projects as well as for educational activities within the programmes and courses at the Department of Applied IT. Within the project, Knowledge Lab serves as a resource for development-related efforts, where also Mattias has his main role.


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Ingrid Behrns; Åsa Abelin; Katja Laakso; Mattias von Feilitzen (2012). Riktlinjer för bibehållen integritet och god etik vid användningen av patientbaserade inspelningar i interaktivt lärande , GUP 166009

Wolmet Barendregt; Mattias von Feilitzen (2010). Attacking Immune Attack™? An Evaluation by Teacher Students , GUP 123360


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