Maria Spante

Maria Spante

Senior Lecturer in informatics: University West

My thesis focused on social interaction in shared virtual environments over time. The project was mainly financed by VINNOVA and led to the thesis Connected Practice: The Dynamics of Social Interaction in Shared Virtual Environments. I defended my thesis at Chalmers in April 28 2009. Opponent was Professor David Roberts, University of Salford, Manchester, Great Britain.

Guided by curiosity regarding human interaction and communication in various technical systems, I have participated in a range of projects. These projects have, in different ways, studied how humans have been more or less successful in their strive to accomplish things together when interacting with or via technical systems to solve specific tasks, create specific products as well as creating new possibilities for learning. Below, I present each project in more detail and my contribution in the different projects, followed by a list of publication. Projects are presented according to their timeline. Publications are presented in alphabetical order.

* Consequences of the digitalization of schools
* Developing mathematical understanding with Squared family and the role of teachers
* Cross-border education in Scandinavian Schools
* Interactive competence among teachers
* The use of social media in higher education
* Pedagogy, technology and learning: new possibilities with interactive whiteboards?
* The necessity of repeated measures in experimental research
* The heart project: A comparative study of the use of virtual or real hearts in biology education
* Virtual Labs: Implementation Project
* Library and Information Science Collaboration: Creating and Exchanging Knowledge in Different Ways
* Virtual Film Crew
* Computers in school


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