Torbjörn Ott

Torbjörn Ott

PhD student in pedagogy: Gothenburg University

Torbjörn Ott is since 2011 a doctoral student at the University of Gothenburg, the department of applied IT and the division of Learning, communication and IT. He has a background as licensed teacher in history and Swedish at the upper secondary school. He also holds a Master of Arts (60 credits) with a major in history.

Ott’s PhD project is to research the appearance and integration of a new digital technology into the formal learning context of school. The specific technology in question is the mobile phone. Upper secondary school is the level of school foremost researched. The appearance of students’ own mobile phones in school has generated actions on several levels in the formal learning organization, affecting both teachers’ as well as students’ work within school. Ott is researching how the mobile phones are perceived as a tool for learning in school. The research apply perspectives of upper secondary students, upper secondary teachers and also the public debate on mobile phones in school. To do this Ott is using a mixed method model building on historical and statistical empirical materials as well as qualitative data.

The dissertation is planned for the spring of 2017.


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