Thomas Winman

Thomas Winman

Lecturer in pedagogy and WIND studio leader: West University

Thomas Winman earned his PhD in Pedagogics with specialisation in Work Integrated Learning at University West on September 21, 2012. His thesis is titled Transforming information into practical actions - A study of professional knowledge in the use of electronic patient records in health care practice. Thomas Winman has studied the problems that arise when professionals with different terminology are using the same information system. The case he has studied is electronic patient records.

Integration of immigrants
Winman is leading a research project dealing with how municipalities can work together when it comes to introduction programmes for newly arrived refugees. These refugees tend to have widely varying backgrounds in terms of ethnicity, culture, religion, education, etc. It is hard for small municipalities to provide introduction programmes that are suitable for all groups. In this project, seven municipalities and the County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland are working together to improve the introduction programmes.

Thomas Winman also leads a research project dealing with improving public information to persons who immigrated to Sweden.

In an ongoing educational project Thomas Winman and his colleagues create a course package for those who in various ways are working on integration. They could be working in the municipalities, social insurance, schools, healthcare and so on. Here too the aim is to improve the integration of those who immigrate to Sweden.

Winman has been employed at University West since 2001. He is part of the Social Pedagogy and Work-Integrated Learning (SAIL) research team.


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