Here we present the results in forms of publications from the members of DigitaL. We also present international as well as national research activities that DigitaL has been arranging.


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  • (HT15) Collaboration in the method course for the students attending the international masters at Gothenburg University and University West.  The collaboration started in the spring of 2015 and the course was held in the spring of 2016 for two groups of international students from the aforementioned universities. The collaboration will continue for the spring of 2017.


Supervisions of Ph.D students


  • (VT15) “Learning, knowledge and ICT” - Lena Pareto (University West), Johan Lundin (Gothenburg University) and Inga Wernersson (University West & Gothenburg University)
  • (HT 16) “Foundations of research on Learning & Information Technology ”, The course is for teachers and PhD students from both Gothenburg University as well as University West  - Johan Lundin (Gothenburg University) and Lars Svensson (University West).
  • (VT17) “Learning, knowledge and ICT” - Lena Pareto (University West), Johan Lundin (Gothenburg University) and Inga Wernersson (University West & Gothenburg University), Hans Rystedt (Gothenburg University & University West)

Ph.D STUDENTS (financed fully or partially)




International & national activities


10/2, The cooperation day. Meetings with the regions external stakeholders. Presentations of the studios as well as workshops on relevant research questions and topics on the theme: The digitalization of the Working Life. 
24/4, Workshop about the virtual patient room 
17/5, Whole day with DigitaL on: Healthcare and digitalization
07/10, DigitaL 2.0, whole day of planning ahead



IFIP WG 8.6: Ljungskile 5-7 Augusti, 2016
IRIS39: Ljungskile 7-10 Augusti 2016
SCIS7: Ljungskile 7-10 Augusti 2016
Pre-ECIS 2016 workshop: Istanbul 12-15 Juni 2016


Lars Svensson is a Guest Professor at Gothenburg University (2016)


Swedish with the mobile phone - a project report (22.March 2016) - Pilotstudie report by Linda Bradley