Monika Hattinger

Monika Hattinger

PhD Student in Informatics and work-integrated learning: Univeristy West

The thesis is piloted within a longitudinal action design research project between the Production Technology Centre (PTC) at University West and collaborating manufacturing companies in the south west of Sweden. The industry continuously needs educated engineers for effective manufacturing meanwhile the university aim at strengthen learners into a higher academic degree. This duality opens up spaces for collaborative activities for design of work-integrated learning and e-learning, here described as e-WIL. The aim is to explore different competence development activities among the stakeholders; managers, teachers and learners (employees) in a design and implementation process of e-WIL courses in cross-organizational collaborations viewed as an expansive learning process. Diverse challenges among the stakeholders and their home organizations emerge during this process, for instance; competence mapping of engineering knowledge, digitalization of manufacturing learning content, didactical and pedagogical approaches for on-line learning, technological use, framing and defining target curricula and employees’ disparate learning levels, both theoretical and practical. Technologies designed and used are learning management systems (LMS), web-meeting systems, instructional videos, application systems for learning content production, and virtualization of labs. Results show a broad variation of industry readiness of taking part in these kinds of competence initiatives. The industry participants in three e-WIL courses within industrial automation, machining and negotiation skills, show high performance and satisfaction of the course design and learning content. Even if the e-learning experiences among the teachers initially were low, they show a rapid technology and educational design progress.


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Hattinger, M., Spante, M., & Ruijan, D. (2014). Mediated and Situated Engineering Education. Paper presented at the In Proceedings of World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education 2014, Chesapeake, VA: AACE.

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