Lars-Olof Johansson

PhD student in informatics: University West

Lars-Olof Johansson has two parallel lives. In one life, he is a PhD student in Informatics at University West. In the other life, he is a lecturer in Informatics at the University Halmstad. For nearly 20 years, Lars-Olof has been engaged in teaching within the field of Informatics, where much focus has been on systems development, business development and mentoring of graduate thesis's.

The research Lars-Olof is engaged in is action-oriented research, where the researcher is engaged in a current problem (Engaged Scholarship), such as security for relatives with dementia. In 2008 Lars-Olof presented his licentiate thesis which focused on modeling and business development. After the licentiate thesis, Lars-Olof has primarily been interested in the innovation process of digital services for everyday use. Two projects are the basis of his empirical material: HITTA and Free2Ride. The research interest focuses on the learning that takes place in connection with innovation processes, where different groups of people meet to develop the proposed digital service.