Katka Cerna

Katerina Cerna

PhD in pedagogy: Gothenburg University

Research group Learning and IT

Theme Profession, knowledge and innovation

Year: 1st

Key words

Nurses, Work Transformation, Learning, Competences, Internet of Things, Big data, Smart objects



Her research focuses on the work of nurses and how it is changed by new technology. More specifically, she aims to explore how Internet of Things (IoT) technologies transform how nurses work, what they learn during the IoT technologies implementation, which competences they will develop, and how they will adapt the IoT technologies to compliment their current work practices.


Preliminary name of the thesis

Digital Nurses and Quantified Patients: The Transformation of Healthcare in the Age of the Internet of Things


Project member

  • BeyondCancer aims to improve the life quality of cancer surviving patients by the implementation of new technologies
  • DigitaL focuses on learning in the digitalized workplace
  • LinCS is a national centre of excellence that focuses on the relationship between learning and media
  • The DNA of Mobile Communication aims to understand how mobile communication looks in natural occurrences


  • The Internet of Things in healthcare
  • Quantified Self techniques application in healthcare
  • The IoT at work: competence development of nurses in a digital society
  • Method development: possibilities for nurses to use big data for their work


She has a master’s degree in Sociology (Charles University), International Master of Educational Research (Gothenburg University) and a bachelor degree in Teacher Training in Foreign Languages – English Language (from Masaryk University).