Christian Östlund

Christian Östlund

PhD in informatics: University West

PhD student at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark working primarily at University West.

Supervisors: Helle Zinner Henriksen and Lars Svensson

Dissertation Area: Formal work-integrated e-learning.

Christian Östlund is a PhD student in Informatics as well as teaching at University West. Christian has taught informatics with an emphasis on software development, interaction design, UX and XML since 1999. Christian has B.Sc in informatics. The focus of the Christian's research activities are working and learning in particular have been conducted in various design projects. What impact and what demands does the work conditions of a learning environment for work-integrated learning is one of the issues Christian highlights of their recent research activities. Christian's research is based on a study at Länstyrelsen, where he designed a web lecture system based on a framework for e-learning. The system will be evaluated and be redesigned in design cycles for investigating the requirements formal work-integrated e-learning imposes on systems for web lectures.